Training Series

TOP GUN of Maine, in conjunction with

R.D. Tactical Handgun Instruction LLC

have started a

“Training Series”


Top Gun of Maine along with R.D. Tactical Handgun Instruction LLC is proud to provide professional instruction at reasonable rates. We are also excited to share with your our Fall and Winter Training Series. These training sessions are from 6:00 p.m. to approximately 8:30 p.m. and are held twice a month at the indoor Top Gun of Maine Range.

This two hour + class is a live fire non beginner class.


This class will discuss barricade operations, positioning, high and low barricade protection, concealment vs cover plus much more. The cost of this class is only $40 and includes the range time. This class is open to the first 14 individuals to sign up. 

There is a minimum of 4 for these classes. If any class doesn't meet the minimum then the class will need to be rescheduled.


You must sign the online waivers and questionnaire for this class.

You will need eye and ear protection, firearm, 200 rds ammo and spare magazines.

Holster not needed for this class.

Be watching our website for future FTS/ WTS classes;

Barricade Operator

Low Light Operator

Move and shoot

Draw from holster

Stress Fire

And much much more!

Training Class Definitions

1. Barricade operations.  This 2.5 hrs class 6 pm to 830 pm.  teaches students to think on their feet, to find cover and to engage the attacker from behind cover.  Student will also learn how to safely move to and from cover, cover a partner and engage when necessary.  Students will need 150 rds of ammo, modern handgun, extra magazines.  Holster not needed for this class.  $40     slots 7

2. Low Light Operator. This 2.5 hrs class, 6 PM to 830 pm, teaches student how to use a variety of lighting options to defend themselves.  Majority of encounters happen in low light situations and this class will allow students to identify targets in low light, how to engage and defend.  Students will need 150 rds of ammo, and a handheld tactical flashlight.  A firearm mounted flash light is optional but handheld should also be brought.  $40   slots 7  Holster not needed

3. Concealed holster work. This 2.5 hrs class, 6 pM to 830 PM, teaches students how to safely draw from a concealed strong side holster.  Muscle memory will be explained as well as the 7 steps to a safe draw.  This class will also prepare the student to attend the more advanced 1 day tactical class and 2 day tactical class.  Students will need 150 rounds, and strong side holster.  Magazine pouch is helpful but not needed. $40 slots 7

4. Long Range Pistol Shooting.  This 2.5 hr class, 6 pm to 8:30 PM, teaches students to safely engage targets from point blank positions all the way to 100 feet.  Students will learn the techniques to work distance shots and gain more confidence.  This class does not advocate long range defensive fire but is more for confidence building and enjoying the ability to hit your target at long range.  $40 and 150 rds needed. Slots 7

5. Pistol move and shoot.  This 2.5 hrs class, 6 pm to 8:30 PM, teaches students how to engage targets while moving towards and away.  This class will break the habit of students stopping while shooting and allows them to move while engaging multiple targets.  Students will need 150 rds for this class.  $40 slots 7

6.  Tactical pistol class.  This 6 hr class will involve hot and cold qualifications from 25 yards to point blank contact, barricade use, multiple shooting positions, combat and emergency mag changes, and much more, students will need 250 rounds and will need strong side holster and dual mag pouch.  This class may be a one day or 2 or 3 evening class Cost is $135.00 Slots 7

7. Basic Rifle class.  This 3-hour class is a beginner rifle orientation, focusing on the AR-15, AK-47 or Piston operated rifle.  This will give beginners a chance to understand the operations, disassembly, cleaning, how to zero and a chance to fire to become comfortable. NRA certified class, $50 includes hard cover book.  Students will need 100 rds. Slots 7

8. Intermediate Rifle Class.  This 3-hour class will teach students who have been through the beginner class new options for their firearm, carry techniques, engagement techniques, and a more aggressive defensive fire position, carry and use.  This is an intermediate class, students will need 150 rds of ammo. $40. Slots 7

9. Advanced Rifle-Pistol Combination.  This 3 hour class will orient the intermediate shooting how to carry and engage both with tactical rifle and tactical handgun and to switch in between.  This will help students to get comfortable with the transition from rifle to handgun and visa versa depending on the circumstances.  Students will need rifle, tactical sling, handgun, holster and 150 rds for each firearm.  $40. Slots 7

For More info please contact

Don Mailot at 207-576-5131